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to disrupt stodgy industries and elicit change by solving big customer problems. Our companies do this through building globally scalable digital solutions with B2B focus and three fundamental strategic pillars: data centric, mobile first and globally oriented.

Mobile 1st

Mobile enterprise applications are poised to grow into $100 billion market opportunity. A famous UN report publicized the fact that 6 of the approximately 7 billion inhabitants of this planet own mobile phones. With nearly saturated accessibility, we believe mobile platforms can maximize impact across private and public sectors. 

Truly Global

Holland Startup embeds scalability into the organizational DNA of the companies we build. Planning for global scalability across both emerging and developed markets maximizes our impact and prospective return on investment.


In 2010 during a Techcrunch interview, Eric Schmidt former Google CEO and current Executive Chairman of Alphabet Inc, said society produces roughly five exabytes of data every two days. That's the informational equivalent of everything produced from the dawn of civilization up until 2003. Holland Startup aims to harness the power of information by creating data-centric companies to solve major customer pains.


Firms are always looking to capitalize on opportunities that improve inefficiencies and tackle problems distracting core business functions. We thrive on solving problems and building products that help businesses achieve their targets on a shorter time frame. Holland Startup builds companies, which create value that benefit both parties in win-win situations and accelerate change.



Holland Startup manages the venture building process and assembles world-class teams around each company idea. We implement lean startup methodologies to build, measure and learn in order to find replicable, scalable and profitable business models. We target opportunities with a minimum 1 billion market size. Holland Startup builds teams of two that together with the support team validate and build startups using a standardized process. Our standardized process allows us to move from ideation to scaling in 300 days.




In order to be able to proactively monitor each and every one of our ventures, we've implemented a weekly process. This helps to guide young entrepreneurs on their way to becoming co-founders by providing resources continuously during venture development. Team progress is closely monitored to facilitate capability development and failure is filtered out actively.