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Become co-founder of a startup that will facilitate the sharing economy

About the startup

Imagine you lend out your car to a friend. You trust him as a driver and a person. Still, bad things happen. What if an accident occurs? You could use you own insurance to cover the damage, but wouldn't that feel unfair? Only imagine what this would do to your premium.

Your friend on the other hand, has no way to insure himself for your car. It is not his possession. If the damage is too expensive, this could turn out to be a very nasty situation.

Obviously these types of situations occur on a daily basis. Carsharing and lending is rapidly becoming the predominant means of transportation in overcrowded cities. Why can't our insurance system facilitate this in a fair way?

The mission of the startup is to bridge the gap between the sharing economy and the antiquated insurance industry. Creating an on-demand service for users. And niche coverage for insurance companies. Using Blockchain technology as a disruptive business model.


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We are looking for an Entrepreneur in Residence team member for Tiemen!

Who are you?

First, and thus most important, you are passionate about people and their learning & development. Second, you have exceptional communication skills. This means you know how to communicate in a team, in a direct and open way. Besides this communication internally, you have skills in public communication as well; being able to provide information and insights to an audience clearly and concisely. And finally, you are dedicated to the goal, by having a get sh*t done attitude.

Shortly, you are the one with:

  • A passion for Learning & Development
  • Exceptional communication skills (team & public)
  • A get sh*t done attitude

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