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...are Holland Startup, a young company (venture builder) that enables young entrepreneurs to shape our society. Right from the very start, from helping with forming that awesome golden idea, all the way to the scale up or exit phase. We were founded end 2014 by 2 entrepreneurs that had the vision of giving back what they once got, namely to give young people an opportunity that they do not get often enough: to found and fund their own company. We are always looking for young entrepreneurs to join us as an Entrepreneur in Residence, to start building that awesome solution for that mega problem with. We focus on building digital marketplaces and platforms, as well as on SAAS solutions.

We do so within the domains of:

  • Healthier society (both physical & mental health)
  • Educated world (enabling learning and human capital development in and outside the classroom)
  • Financial empowerment (e.g. wealth creation & distribution; financial literacy)
  • Young entrepreneurship (grassroots where possible)
  • Safer society (enabling Online & Offline safety and security)
  • Smarter world (transforming information into understanding)
  • Fairer world (e.g. fixing broken global distribution chains)
  • Frictionless world (accrue value to value creators not intermediaries)
  • Peer to Peer (direct interaction and mutual value creation between like minded people or organisations)
  • One world (individuals reaping the benefits of globalisation)


… would call yourself an expert at one of these domains, OR you are that person that can build any product. As a developer, you would be the gall or guy that always tells people that if they can dream it, you can build it. As a person with domain expertise, you have worked in an industry with deep domain exposure consistent with 3-5 years work experience. There is a product you believe should exist, which solves a tangible problem, and you want to solve it. You are knowledgeable enough to spar as equals with industry experts, and they will acknowledge your talent.

All our EIRs have a maximum of 5 years work experience and a Bachelor’s degree of interest to that position. We work from our offices in Utrecht (Maliebaan 29-33), and so will you as your startup will be founded here. We together thrive on adding as much value to one another as possible, as we are all in the business of finding that repeatable and scalable business model that will drive impactful change throughout the whole world, to our society. All of us are willing to take risks, will take rapid decisions as we love learning from failure, and we are self-staring kinda people. By the way, English is our common language so we expect everyone to be excellent linguists, but we do expect you to have a great sense of humour because frankly none of us does. Really. We don’t.

Being an EIR… means that you will be one of 2 founders of that new startup that is coached, guided, and funded by us. If you come in as a team of 2 that is great, but if you are joining by yourself, we will help you to find that person that complements your team. We have successfully done so before, so we can also do it for you. We would love to hear from you, and find out why you want to build a startup and what your favourite startup is. Send us your resume (with picture) and a 3-minute video pitch through

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