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Products with long lasting tradition don't only provide luxury resulting from all the man-hours dedicated to them. They also provide an intellectual connection to history and culture. Eterne is the modern online shopping destination for heritage products. Eterne provides an expertly curated selection of heritage products from all over the world and sells this under its own luxury brand. You will finally be able to buy true heritage products from every part of the world through Eterne.

Founded by Nagim Zamarialai and Jonathan Pothuis in 2017.


An ambitious mission drives the team behind Decodeon: To decode any medical condition known to mankind. Decodeon leverages big data via self-reported patient registries for rare diseases. This data is used to benchmark and predict prognosis of rare diseases, as well as provides grounds for research in the pharmaceutical industry. The company operates based out of the Netherlands and has a proven concept in 6 languages. 

Founded in 2015 by Heiko Packeiser & Jana Rautenberg 

+1,100 Registered patients and counting



We all know we should be on top of our money, but nobody likes to spend their free Sunday afternoon going through piles of bills. Bittiq does this hideous job for you, automatic, and accessible in one simple mobile app. With Bittiq, you have more time and money for the things that really matter to you.

Bittiq leverages data to help people make better financial decisions.


Founded by Hidde Koning and Federico Spiezia in 2016